Monday, 14 April 2014

Violet Daffodils 2nd Birthday!

Hello lovelies! :)
Today is a special day for me as my Blog has turned 2 years old! My Blog is growing up so fast! ;)
I feel very happy in myself for this, as I find as I've got older that finding a hobby and sticking to it is far more difficult than attending Dance classes every Thursday & Saturday, Art class every Saturday or keeping up Piano lessons every Monday like I could do as a kid/teen. How I managed my time back then completely baffles me now. But I have got so passionate about Blogging over the past 2 years that it is always constantly inspiring me, keeping me interested and pushing myself further to try out new ideas for posts, photographs, content, design etc. which I'm hoping to explore in more depth this year. 

Since my Blog name partly comes from my love for my favourite flower, I felt it was only right to take photographs for this post with Daffodils, hopefully a better attempt than last time I did a post like this (here). My Grandad is the one responsible for the blooming of so many gorgeous Daffodils this time of year as he does all the gardening. At the bottom of the garden there is a large section that has tons of them around which ended up being the ideal spot for my photographs for today. 

Aren't my bunny flats the cutest?!! 

And lastly I want to say a big thank you so much for the support I've had on this Blog. I recently hit 180+ followers on here and 100+ on Bloglovin too which is madness and I'm so flattered! I am SO grateful for those of you who take time out of your day to read my posts/comment/follow etc. it really does mean a lot to me, I cannot express that enough. Also I would like to thank you all for your patience too, I know that I haven't posted loads recently but I am hoping to change that in the next few months, spruce up the design of this blog, make some new and exciting changes and include some new material for you all. So keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Lace Face

Hello lovelies! :)
Please excuse my creepy smile in the above photo! I recently went to see Russel Howard: Wonderbox tour at the MetroRadio Arena in Newcastle as it was a Christmas present. I had never seen a Comedian live before so I was really looking forward to the experience. The show was absolutely hilarious! My face was hurting so much from laughing throughout the entire performance. It was a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going along to see a live show as it makes for a really fun night. Before I went to the show I had been eyeing up this gorgeous black lace dress from MotelRocks and had been undecided about purchasing. I even asked my guy friends at University for their honest opinion and in the end I caved and bought it (Surprise Surprise!). I decided to do an outfit post to show how it looks and how I had styled it. Enjoy! :)
Dress: MotelRocks, Heels: Asda

*Revlon Photoready Foundation (Nude)
*Revlon Photoready Eye Primer & Brightener (No. 3)
*Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder (Warm Beige)
*Rimmel London Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush (Pink Rose)
*Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil (Black/Brown)
*Maybelline New York EyeStudio (Bronze Drama)
*Maxfactor Eye Brightening Mascara (For Brown Eyes)
*Maxfactor Excess Volume Mascara (Black)
*Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipstick (Kiss Of Life)
*Blistex MedPlus Lipbalm

Thursday, 20 March 2014


 Hello lovelies!
I apologise for such a long wait but I have been very busy with my final few months of University, but I have finally put together my Disney photo diary for you all to enjoy!
As some of you may have heard, last summer I was away to DisneyWorld Florida for my 21st birthday, it was honestly the most amazing experience/holiday of my life! I did so much over there and made some amazing memories.
Animal Kingdom: I visited the Tree of Life, The Festival of the Lion King show, was Goofin’ around with Goofy and Pluto as well as Mickey & Minnie mouse and conquered my fear of Winnie the Pooh haha! (inside joke). I also conquered my first rollercoaster of the holiday, Everest and went on a jungle safari where the giraffes came right upto the vehicle.
Epcot: Meeting as many Disney characters as possible: Belle, Aurora, Chip & Dale, Snow White and Alice, all of which I got signatures in my autograph book. I went for lunch in “Italy” which was delicious and explored the futuristic rides and exploring different countries and the cultures within them.
Disney Hollywood Studios: So many rides to go on, I loved the Rockin’ Rollercoaster, had lunch at Pizza Planet, failed to get Phineas & Ferb to sign my book due to the rain (boo!) watched the Indiana Jones show and the car stunt show, both were awesome!
Mall at Millenia: A cheeky shopping trip. I had my heart completely set on Victoria’s Secret as there isn’t one near where I live so I made the most of it and bought some gorgeous things to bring home with me.
Downtown Disney: Mainly visited for evening meals, lots of souvenir shops, awesome fake volcano outside of the Rainforest Café that went off, Planet Hollywood, my favourite part was Splitsville bowling alley, it was so much fun and on a night you could have a cheeky beverage at the bar where there was a man playing live acoustic music. The day after my 21st I had my first legal American drink here at this small margarita bar which was delicious!
SeaWorld: I began the day with a ride on the Manta which was awesome, was hoping to have a go on Kraken but it rained so it got closed off, nightmare! I also got to pet some Stingrays and then went to watch the dolphin show, followed by Shamoo show, had food at the Village Inn diner and my favourite part of the day had to be the petting/feeding the dolphins at dolphin cove. Awww!
Universal Studios: This side was where the likes of The Simpsons were and Despicable Me. I also got to see one of the parades too which was cute. I had lunch at Hardrock Cafe followed by a quick trip to the NBA store. It was here where I had such a panic. I went on the Rip It Rock It roller coaster which was awesome for the fact you could choose what song you wanted to have playing as you went round, I chose ZZ Top's Gimme All Your Lovin' however when I went round I could feel the harness feeling like it was going to spring open as I was going round and for someone like me who was just getting used to roller coasters, I found this horrifying to the point where I came off the ride hyperventilating, it was horrible! Let that be a warning to everyone to take extra care when getting fastened in on rides. That is actually why I had a fear of roller coasters in the first place, as I feared I'd fall out from a large height. Luckily I was okay in the end and soldiered on!
Islands of Adventure: It was very Marvel and comic books based which I loved and also Jurassic Park. I had spent all of this time upto this day going on lots of roller coasters to psyche myself up for the big one aka The Hulk ride. As many of you may not know but I had quite a fear of them, note the word "had" as I feel I came back from this holiday having overcome that fear and found a lot of them to be enjoyable bar one (read previous paragraph). Anyway when I first walked into the park I headed straight to the Hulk as I knew if I didn't go on it then and there then I would never do it and I went on it and thoroughly enjoyed it! After feeling very victorious and even though I'm not a mega fan of him, I headed over to see Hazza P (Harry Potter World) and tackle the Dragons, I did the blue ride first and then came straight off that and onto the red one, feeling dangerous ;) and then I had lunch at Hardrock Cafe. The final image was when I came off the Pop Eye ride soaking wet, I hadn't been to Florida since I was about 8 years old and one of my fondest memories was myself and all my family on going on that Pop Eye ride dozens of times and being absolutely soaked so I had to go on it for the sheer sentimentality of it.
Magic Kingdom/ My Birthday: As I was away on holiday without the family I had brought all my birthday cards with me so on the day I opened them all and my family rang me throughout the day to wish me happy birthday which was cute. I had lunch at Gaston's tavern where the lady let me have my drink for free as it was my birthday, throughout the day I overheard little kids going "look mammy, it's that girl's birthday". If you've never been to Disney on your birthday you can basically pick up a badge as you walk in and a cast member writes your name on and as you walk around fellow cast members and randoms wished me happy birthday, I even had some random old guy sing to me which was brilliant! It made up for the fact my family were not around to share the day with. I met Ariel and got her to write in my autograph book "Happy 21st Birthday, love and fishes, Ariel" my life was made. I also got to ride on Prince Charming's carousel, The Little Mermaid ride was amazing, all the mechanical pieces showing the key parts of the film was fantastic! Again I revisited some rides that I remember when I was a kid, the first being "It's a small world" which I remember going on as a kid hundreds of times with my Mam and my Gran, just hearing the song made me feel really emotional and nostalgic of all the fond memories and lastly Splash Mountain which I remember going on with my family and my Gran sitting on the driest seat as she thought she wouldn't get wet and we all came off the ride pretty dry however my Gran was drenched, bless her it was hilarious!On the evening of my birthday, I had one final birthday present and that was a birthday dinner inside the Disney Castle!!! It was honestly the most amazing experience ever! You go in and get a photo with Cinderella, then wait for your name to be called out: "Princess Kate!" and ascend the staircase to this huge room, I ended up getting my table moved to the window so I was able to watch the firework display from the window which was magical! The food was delicious and the waitress that was assigned to me was lovely and sang happy birthday to me when she brought my desert out. We even got some souvenirs from our visit which was a fairy wand with "Cinderella's Royal table" on it, a sword and a copy of the photo with Cinderella from the beginning. Also whilst waiting for our meal Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty came around to get photos and sign autographs. It was the most amazing birthday experience of my life, such a perfect way to spend my 21st!

Magic Kingdom #2: The final day where I could use my tickets into the parks so decided to make the most of it and revisit some of the parks so I could either go on certain rides again, try and go on ones I missed out on and also make a few purchases from the gift shops. I decided to travel in style and got the monorail to Epcot and then got the ferryboat from Epcot to Magic Kingdom, it was a lovely time of the afternoon, sailing along as the sun was setting. So pretty!
I'd never travelled like that before in Florida so I wanted to have that experience at least once. So I'm happy to have had that. I had headed over to Magic Kingdom specifically to watch the Firework display as a final Disney farewell as the last time I was at Magic Kingdom I was inside the castle so I didn't see it from the outside. It was wonderful to experience the display in those different ways. It was amazing, I took a ridiculous amount of photographs of the huge variety of fireworks and it was the perfect way to round off such an amazing holiday, experience and of course birthday! <3

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pancake Tuesday!

 Hello lovelies!
In true Pancake Tuesday fashion, I decided to whip out the frying pan and head to the kitchen to create some culinary delights. It has become a tradition on this day to make pancakes for my Grandad and today was no exception. So I thought I would show you the recipe I use for making pancakes and some creative ways I have decorated them, so enjoy!

The Recipe:
1) The Ingredients: 100g Flour, Milk and 1 Egg (or 2!) 
2) Crack the egg into the same bowl as the flour.
3) Begin to mix both ingredients. 
4) Next add some milk to the bowl of ingredients but in little splashes to get the right consistency.
5) Mix all the ingredients together, adding milk until it has the same consistency as double cream.
6) Pour the batter into the frying pan using a ladle.
7) Fry the batter on both sides to a golden brown colour.
8) Once I made the amount of pancakes desired, I then usually take this step to drown them in honey and add fruit on top and usually create a pattern or a smiley face because who wouldn't love to receive a smile with their food? ;)
When I was in Florida in the summer I acquired a Mickey Mouse cutter so I decided to put that to good use as I haven't used it yet (shown in first photo).

A cheeky photo of me attempting to flip a pancake!

Hope you all had a great Pancake Day and would love to see any creations you guys made too, just leave a link below :) Thanks!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day

Jumper, Top: Primark, Jeans: Topshop, Clutch: Lulu Guinness, Flats: Vivienne Westwood

 Hello lovelies! :)
This is my first post of 2014 as I have been so occupied with University, it's my final year now so it's busy busy busy for the next 4 months. I have severely missed blogging, especially recently as I find it really therapeutic, do any of you feel like that?
Today is one of my favourite days of the year, yes it's Valentine's Day! Most of you will not know this but I prefer Valentine's Day over Christmas, even when I'm single I enjoy the day. I think there's something so sweet about a day dedicated to celebrating love and showing the people you care about how much they mean to you or even having a day of pampering and spoiling yourself, what's not to enjoy?! To honour this special day, I decided to take some photographs to show you my day and night outfits. As you can probably tell, I went overboard on the theme ;)

I've had such a lovely day, I went for food at this wonderful restaurant called Mammia Mia's, it reminded me of an Italian cafe/restaurant, the place went all out on the theme of the day too which I loved, they served food on either heart shaped plates or heart shaped bowls, had heart shaped food cut-outs and had chips cut-out into the words "I <3 U" I love stuff like that, it was a cute touch to our meal. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also these are my wonderful presents I got. I absolutely love them, so cute! <3

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Friday, 20 September 2013

What's In My Bag: MULBS Edition

Hello lovelies! :)
AHHH! It is finally mine at last! A long time ago I did this kind of post on Dans Mon Satchel blog, which showed my 4/5 year old Topshop bag (R.I.P.) before it eventually ripped from my recent travels. I had searched high and low for a new big green bag (Yes it HAD to be green!) and so after seeing this Bayswater Mulberry beauty of a bag on my trip to Belfast at the start of the summer, I have lusted after it ever since, so after my birthday I saved up all my pennies and treated myself to my beautiful green baby, aka. MULBS! So to honour my wonderful green arm candy here is a more updated version of this post for my lovely readers. Is it possible to be in love with a bag?! ;)

(L-R) Makeup Bag, Mirror, Tangle Teaser, Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick, Impulse Romantic Spark Body Spray, Sure Deodorant, Car Keys, House Keys, Ipod, Phone, Mulberry Purse.
Thanks for reading, feel free to link me to your versions of this post below :)
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Florida Blues


Hello lovelies! :D
First of all my apologies for the lack of posts lately, I have recently got back from a 17 day holiday in Disneyworld, Florida which was for my 21st and it was honestly the best time of my life! I loved every single second of it and did all the Disney Parks, Water Parks, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Seaworld. All of which were fantastic and for those of you who are thinking of going away here DO IT! It is the best place on the entire planet (that opinion might be slightly biased ;) )

I also have been very busy since coming back home with birthday festivities with my family and relatives too as I hadn't seen them whilst I was away so I've basically had 3 weeks of birthday celebrations. Can't complain! ;)

Also a big thank you to all of you, I received a lot of lovely messages off you readers and I thought it was so lovely and thoughtful of you all, so thanks again! <3

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Here Comes The Sun

Hello lovelies! :)
My cousin got married a week ago so I wanted to show you all some photos of the wonderful day, so I hope you enjoy!

The wedding was held in the countryside right on the outskirts of Wooler. It was very remote and the hills and fields were a beautiful backdrop to the day. Table 2 was the place to be! ;)
Instead of the traditional flower bouquet, my cousin created button bouquets for herself and the bridesmaids and made button pins for the men. Such a quirky idea!
At my Grandparent's house there is an old photo of myself when I was 15 with my brother and cousins which was in a serious need of an update so we got a new one took of us all at the wedding. I love it! :D
It was such a wonderful day with a beautiful ceremony and a great evening of dancing. I am so thrilled my cousin is so happy and has married such a wonderful man who I know will treat her right :D